Analyzes Job Seeker Movement Through Resume Changes Across Employers, Titles, Occupations, Industries and Metro Area Locations

Public Insight, developer of talent analytics application TalentView announces its latest release with several enhancements to its Resume and Skills Insights module, including the addition of workforce migration and resume tracing analysis.

Workforce migration insights can be used for broader job market intelligence and economic development, such as understanding workforce shifts across industries and regions, or for targeted analysis to see where employees with a specific title at a company are relocating. These insights optimize talent acquisition and workforce development strategies.

Workforce Migration Insights Example Use Cases:

  • Workforce development organizations can utilize workforce migration insights such as job title or location shifts to help employers target talent or help job seekers with career paths.
  • HR leaders can understand shifts and relocation trends from their former employees and their competitors’ employees.
  • Combined with TalentView’s Supply and Demand Insights, recruiters can determine where are the most desirable locations workers are migrating, and of these, which have the best resume supply and demand ratio for their recruiting needs.
  • Recruiters can view which industries and locations have lost workers in order to target alternate sources of workers.
  • Economic development organizations can utilize workforce migration insights such as industry and location shifts to help develop policies, resources and programs needed in a region
TalentView – Workforce Migration By Occupation

Watch a Workforce Migration Demo Video

Resume tracing analysis enables employers to view how many employees have active posted resumes. Active resumes by industry can also be analyzed.

Resume Tracing
TalentView – Resume Tracing By Top Healthcare Employers

Additional new features in this TalentView release include the following:

Job Posting Insights – Keyword analysis of the posting abstract and title text enables you to search for a specific word(s) such as: urgent, bonus or hybrid remote to determine ad copy frequency, effectiveness and what competitors are advertising.

Employer Reputation Insights – Keyword analysis of employer reviews enables you to search for a specific word(s) within review text such as: supportive, diversity or stressful. Additionally, ratings and reviews are now captured from Indeed® and Glassdoor® monthly instead of quarterly to provide more current employer branding and reputation insights.

TalentView – Employer Reputation By “Diversity” Keyword Analysis

Public Insight will be demonstrating its TalentView analytics solution at the upcoming industry conferences:

  • NAWDP Annual Conference – May 16-18
  • Unleash America – May 25-26
  • TA Tech Word Job Board Forum – May 31-June 2
  • HR Technology Conference & Expo – September 13-16

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