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Discover and refine guidance and outlook to employers, institutions, and job seekers using the latest in actionable job market insights.

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Strategic Insights and Trends to Improve Workforce Planning and Service Delivery

TalentView is an analytics solution for workforce development, which provides unique and timely job and labor market insights to help make data-driven decisions. These strategic insights enable workforce development professionals to identify short and long-term market trends to best advise institutions, employers and job seekers on career paths, skills, opportunities, positioning, and competition. 

How Can TalentView Help Workforce Development?

  • Determine current and long-term supply and demand
  • Identify skills and proficiency levels of current market demand
  • Identify future skills needed to adapt to a changing market
  • Analyze workforce migration by location, industry and occupation (NEW!)
  • Identify emerging job titles and requirements
  • Assess regional concentration and growth opportunities
  • Know the competitive/prevailing compensation by job title, region, etc.
  • Understand workforce satisfaction and employer strengths and weaknesses
  • Stay on top of the latest jobs and labor market trends for planning and budgeting
  • Utilize analysis for regional benchmarking and performance reports


TalentView is the only analytics solution that generates comprehensive market insights from across the landscape of job postings, resumés, compensation, college and career, market demographics, labor trends, and employer reputation data.

Flexible and Scalable Analytics Solutions

Our flexible pricing options support small to enterprise organizations with varying needs of analytics, including data licensing and integration into other applications.

Why Public Insight?

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