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About Public Insight

Public Insight was founded in 2012 on the principle of transforming the islands of public data into actionable insights. We marry data curation with the powerful Microsoft® Power BI business intelligence platform to make any executive analysis possible in seconds and minutes instead of hours and days. Today, Public Insight is a leader in the emerging area of self-service business intelligence.

Latest News and Posts

  • April 2023 Jobs Report – Supply/Demand, Migration and Remote Trends
    Our April 2023 jobs report shows trends in supply/demand of job seekers compared to job postings continue to impact Health Care and Professional and Scientific industries, which are seemingly always in short supply. Over the past 12 months, there is…
  • March 2023 Jobs Report-Glimmer of Hope
    The March 2023 Jobs Report gives us a glimmer of hope based on higher open posting volume and less average open days. I am a contrarian by nature. I very rarely accept things at face value without questioning their validity….
  • February 2023 Jobs Report-A Step Backwards
    On the surface, the February 2023 Jobs Report indicates the job market still appears relatively healthy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics JOLTS data shows job openings 50% above pre-pandemic levels, layoffs while up are still below average and unemployment remains…