US Jobs Report

The US Jobs Report is a free report service that curates the latest job market data for actionable insights.

Learn about the latest changes and trends that are impacting today’s job market in order to prepare for tomorrow:

  • What is the current state of the jobs and labor market?
  • What are the trends with remote job postings, open days, quit rates, resume postings, ad copy and more?
  • What occupations and job titles are gaining recent momentum?
  • How is advertised compensation changing?
  • What geographical areas are experiencing the highest growth rates?
  • Which skills and abilities will be necessary for the jobs of tomorrow?
  • What are the latest employment trends?
  • How you can analyze this data to improve business strategy, talent acquisition and career planning?

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TalentView is a jobs and labor market data and analytics solution for rapidly analyzing market trends. TalentView integrates and optimizes data from job postings, employee reviews, compensation and benefit surveys, resumé profiles, skills and assessments, and government agency publications.

TalentView data and summary metrics can be easily integrated into other applications through our API and flexible licensing options. This new product/service offering helps solution providers with business growth, market knowledge, competitive differentiation and client satisfaction.

Pre-defined and customizable reports and interactive analysis provide strategic insights to help inform talent acquisition and recruiting strategies, understand workforce migration trends, assess in-demand skills and benchmark employers’ strengths and weaknesses across multiple job market KPIs and regions. TalentView self-service analytics utilizes the power of the Microsoft® Power BI business intelligence platform.