How it Works

Public Insight combines the power of data curation and Microsoft® Power BI to transform data into actionable insights.
Public Insight Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

Public Insight extracts and integrates relevant data from numerous sources including web hosted data, application programming interfaces (API), and non-profit/government agency data portals. Public Insight continuously updates data from these sources and monitors the market for new, relevant data sources.

Data Curation and Optimization

Data curation involves cleaning and normalizing the data to make it optimally usable. Data optimization involves breaking down silos to integrate the data in a logical way as a combined unit. Finally, we extend optimization through the power of data analysis expression (DAX) functional language resulting in a dynamic integrated analytical dataset.

Data optimization
Public Insight Review Ratings Dashboard

Data Analysis and Presentation

The Microsoft® Power BI environment provides a fertile platform for exploiting the power of the analytic dataset for self-service analysis with no database expertise. Public Insight unlocks the power of Power BI using pre-built dashboards and reports, navigation and selection tools, dynamic visuals, saved report filters, and user sharing.

Analysis Solution Distribution

Public Insight pre-packaged analytical solutions are available in two forms. Interactives are self-service applications hosted in the Public Insight cloud requiring no database expertise or software downloads. The API provides the means to access our library of analytical and source data for integration into premises environments and applications.

Data Distribution

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