Supply and Demand Insights

Market insights to better understand the balance of supply and demand based on posting volume, job seeker interest, and labor force demographics.
Screenshot of Supply and Demand Insights module interface


Built on Microsoft® Power BI, Supply and Demand Insights enables self-service analysis, benchmarking, decision making, and collaboration — all with transparency.

Current Market Activity

Understand the balance of supply and demand by category over time.

  • Monthly job postings to active resumés
  • Job title, occupation, region, employer and industry categories

Market Concentration

Understand the regional market concentration across supply and demand.

  • Calculated location quotient
  • Job posting concentration
  • Skills concentration

Workforce Participation

Gain insights into the active labor force.

  • Active resumés to labor force
  • Job title, occupation, and region categories

Dashboard and Report Filtering

Instant analysis viewing using any combination of titles, occupations, industries, regions, and employers.

  • AND/OR conditions
  • Keyword searches
  • KPI Indicators
  • Bookmark and save settings and filters


Generate reports automatically with pre-curated dashboard visuals and dynamically applied filters.

  • Customize hierarchy presentation
  • Sort visual tables
  • Export data to Excel
  • Export report to PDF or PowerPoint

User Management

Deploy and manage application access and usage across the enterprise.

  • User roles
  • User groups
  • Team sharing and collaboration

By the Numbers

A wealth of data, curated and optimized for effortless usability.


See a brief demonstration of Supply and Demand Insights.

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