Public Insight Transforms Market Data into Insights

What Do We Provide?

Job, labor, talent, employer and higher ed market data and analytics to generate strategic insights and market intelligence.

Who Do We Help?
  • HR, TA, Recruitment Solution Providers
  • HR, TA, Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing Professionals
  • Workforce Development and Career Planning Organizations
  • Higher Ed Solution Providers
  • Higher Ed Institutions
  • Media, Research and Trade Organizations that Utilize Job Market Analysis
How Do We Help?
  • Expand your product/service offering and increase revenue
  • Gain strategic insights to inform and justify recruiting decisions
  • Uncover new pools of talent
  • Identify ways to improve employer brand and employee engagement
  • Uncover new business development opportunities
  • Improve quality of new business pitches
  • Offer unique content for marketing and engagement
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Benchmark against competitors
  • Analyze talent from student through career path
  • Stay on top of market trends to drive strategies and tactics
How Do We Deliver Data and Insights?

Public Insight offers flexible solutions to provide market data and insights the way you need them:

  • Data Licensing – Integrate our market data into your application
  • TalentView Analytics Platform – Self-service platform to generate dashboards and reports
  • Custom Insights Projects – We can develop customized solutions. Let’s review your scope of work.
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