Easy, flexible ways to access job market data and insights


TalentView Interactive

TalentView Interactive is a suite of pre-designed and customizable dashboards and reports that generate instant insights across 150+ job market key performance metrics (KPI’s). Analytics expertise is not needed to utilize self-service analytics.


Subscriptions are based on number of users priced on an annual basis. TalentView pricing for an Interactive subscription includes the following:

  • Market Analysis Filters – 50+ filters segment analysis by job titles, occupations, regions, companies, and industries.
  • Power Tables – dynamic tables easily visualize large amounts of data using cell highlights, sparklines, and sortable columns.
  • Bookmarks and Filters – save page selections and report filters for easy reference and sharing.
  • KPI Visuals and Benchmarking – instantly visualize trends and competitor comparisons.  
  • Power BI Analysis Features – built-in Power BI functionality without licensing and downloads. 
  • Team and Organizational Sharing – share bookmarks, report filters, and custom reports with other subscription users.
  • Designer Capabilities – customize existing dashboards and create new dashboards with a Designer license.
  • Account Management – leverage Public Insight support resources.

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Data Licensing

TalentView API

The TalentView application programming interface (API) provides direct access to analytical and source data from our extensive library of market metrics and job market transactions. Parameters provide flexibility to integrate data into your application and environment.


Subscriptions are based on monthly data volume and scope of usage. TalentView pricing for our API subscription includes the following:

  • Analytic Access – leverage 150 market metrics from across the spectrum of TalentView data sources.
  • Source Data – access source transactional data such as postings, resumés, and reviews. 
  • Endpoint Selection – select from a library of 18 analytic and source endpoints
  • Integration  easily integrate data and metrics into your system and application using built-in search and matching parameters.
  • Extensive Parameters  customize your selection from a library of 18 search parameters. 
  • Self-Service Analytics – data licensing partners get a subscription to the self-service analytics platform.
  • Account Management – leverage Public Insight support resources.

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