Self-Service Analytics

TalentView Interactive is a self-service analytics application that generates instant job market insights from dashboard and reports with no data expertise required.

talent analytics

TalentView Interactive generates actionable insights using intuitive dashboards and reports from across the landscape of job market data.

TalentView Interactive integrates and transforms market data from Indeed® and Glassdoor® job postings, resumé abstracts, skills and assessments, compensation surveys, and employer ratings and reviews into actionable insights. Data is transformed into intuitive market metrics, reports and dashboards by leveraging the powerful Microsoft® Power BI platform. Insights revealed by TalentView can directly optimize talent acquisition and career/workforce strategies and benchmark employer branding effectiveness.

TalentView Interactive delivers unique and timely job and labor market insights to help make better and faster data-driven decisions using the power of Microsoft® Power BI:

  • Flexible market filters allow you to easily define and save your own market analysis
  • Ad-hoc analysis using title and company keywords
  • Power tables provide insights at a glance with dynamic rows and sortable columns
  • KPI visuals highlight trending and performance against benchmarks
  • Drill-down into multi-dimensional data quickly and easily
  • Drill-through to source postings and reviews for additional detail and traceability
  • Export data to Excel
  • Built-in glossary for explanation of data sources and calculations

  • Save bookmarks and report filters
  • Generate custom dashboards and reports with Insights Lab templates
  • Customize existing dashboards and create new dashboards with Designer license
  • Share saved settings and customized reports with other subscription users
  • User group administration and access
  • Access built-in glossary for explanation of data sources and calculations
  • Defined market filters in advance for existing subscription users

TalentView Dashboards

The TalentView Interactive includes eight dashboard topics to instantly generate insights from across the landscape of market data.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Our flexible licensing and pricing options support small to enterprise organizations with varying needs of job market data and analytics.

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