Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment Marketing professionals leverage must-have job market data and analysis to optimize employer brands, job postings, strategies and agency business development.

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Improve Recruitment Marketing Effectiveness with Job Market Data and Analytics

Recruitment marketing agencies can leverage TalentView job market data and analytics to measure employer branding, optimize job postings, create client content, benchmark clients against competitors, develop new business and provide more value to existing clients.
Public Insight offers flexible licensing methods to utilize job market insights.
Recruitment Marketing
Walmart compared to Target – Glassdoor Ratings YTD 2022 – Walmart earns a higher rating from employees than Target in Career Opportunities.

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A Strong Employer Brand Helps Recruiting, Hiring and Retention

Employer brands are becoming as important as corporate brands. Monitoring and measuring employer branding and DEI is now a must-have analysis capability.

TalentView provides employer reputation insights for the most current and comprehensive market view and trends of your clients’ employer brands.

Develop unique EVPs, benchmark against competitors, utilize review/ratings content for social media, uncover areas for improvement, report KPI metrics and ROI for your services and much more.

TalentView captures millions of employee satisfaction reviews and ratings from Glassdoor®, Indeed® and other sites across many categories such as DEI, compensation and work-life balance and transforms this data into decision-making insights.

How Can TalentView Job Market Insights Help Recruitment Marketing?

Job Postings/Ads

  • Understand hiring trends in local/regional areas – by employer, title, supply/demand, fill statistics, remote/urgent status, etc.
  • Benchmark compensation levels across titles, employers and region/metro areas using advertised rates (min, mid, max and ranges) and survey results
  • View trends over time and increase understanding of the market landscape
  • Monitor and compare against competitors, which can indicate their strategic direction and product road maps
  • Understand clients and their competitors’ workforce migration trends and the number of active resumes by title
  • Provide metrics for client KPI reports
  • Provide insights as to why a role/job is hard to fill
  • Keyword searches in job postings (coming soon)

Employer Reputation

  • Increase revenue by offering employer branding analysis service
  • Utilize analysis to develop your clients’ employer brand and EVP
  • Identify opportunities to improve employer branding and employee engagement – overall and at regional/local levels
  • Establish a benchmark before agency program execution begins
  • Use review/ratings content for social media posts
  • Monitor employer brands and their competitors, identify strengths/weaknesses and provide reports to clients
  • Measure the ROI of employer branding and DEI programs over time
  • Align college recruits with employers that have desired work cultures, e.g., good work-life balance, DEI strengths, progressive advancement, etc.
  • Search for specific keywords in reviews

Business Development

  • Identify prospective clients
  • Utilize employer/competitor analysis in pitches
  • Enhance your competitive analysis services
  • Offer unique ROI metrics on employer branding and DEI efforts
  • Understand and share how your agency compares to industry benchmarks and competitors

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