Employer Branding

Benchmark employer ratings and reviews using the most current data from Glassdoor® and Indeed® for positioning and differentiation including DEI categories. Review textual analysis identifies the critical areas to enhance or improve.
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Insights to Optimize Employer Branding and Improve Recruiting Effectiveness

A strong employer brand helps recruiting, hiring and retention. Employer brands are becoming as important as corporate brands. Monitoring and measuring employer branding and DEI is now a must-have analysis capability.

TalentView Employer Reputation Insights

TalentView provides an easy and fast way to monitor employer branding as well as local and industry competitors targeting the same top talent. TalentView provides the most current market view of your employer brand so you can uncover areas for improvement, share information with employees and candidates, and much more. TalentView captures millions of employee satisfaction reviews and ratings across many categories such as DEI, compensation and work-life balance and transforms this data into decision-making insights.

employer branding
Employer Ratings for Tech Companies in NYC
employer branding
Review Ratings Across All Employees of Tech Companies in NYC
employer branding
Drill Through to Opinions for Bloomberg Employees

Consider these statistics from Glassdoor® Research:

Corporate HR and Talent Acquisition Professionals:

  • Identify areas for improvement and recognition
  • Track trends over time
  • Share strengths and weaknesses with candidates to ensure alignment
  • Retain talent by sharing employee satisfaction results pre and post improvement initiatives
  • Monitor and compare against competitors’ employer brands
  • Utilize analysis for HR performance reports
  • Measure ROI of employer branding and DEI programs over time

Agencies and HR Technology Solution Providers:

  • Increase revenue by offering employer branding analysis capabilities
  • Utilize analysis to develop your clients’ employer branding strategy and market positioning
  • Uncover opportunities and develop recommendations and programs for clients to improve employer branding and employee engagement
  • Establish a benchmark before program execution begins
  • Monitor employer brands and their competitors and provide reports to clients
  • Measure the ROI of employer branding and DEI programs over time

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