Data Licensing

Seamlessly integrate comprehensive job and labor market intelligence to increase your revenue, improve your clients’ success and stand out from your competition.

job market data licensing

Benefits of Data Licensing

The changing jobs market and challenging recruiting environment requires a steady stream of market intelligence data to optimize recruiting strategies and employer branding. By licensing TalentView data, you and your clients benefit from a single source of unique market data and analytics that are continuously updated and refined. Delivery of new market data in your solution can increase your revenue and value-added offering.

  • Increase your revenue potential and create more value for clients
  • Ensure you provide the most comprehensive national and regional insights in the market
  • Experience a cohesive approach with a single source for data curation, acquisition, integration and updates
  • Rely on the most current market intelligence available (frequently updated and continuously refined)
  • Integrate data easily via multiple methods into your current solutions
  • Differentiate your solution from competitive offerings


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