Employer Reputation Insights

Monitor and benchmark employer reputation, branding, DEI and market perception based on the latest in employer ratings and sentiment analysis of employer reviews.
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Built on Microsoft® Power BI, Employer Reputation Insights enables self-service analysis, benchmarking, decision making, and collaboration — all with transparency.

Employer Ratings

Assess employer brand and DEI strengths/weaknesses using employee surveys from Glassdoor®, Indeed®, and other platforms. Compare to local and industry competitors.

  • Monthly ratings with upward or downward trending
  • Title, occupation, industry, and region categories
  • Keyword analysis
  • Drill down to individual reviews
  • Diversity segmentation
  • Data captured monthly

Workplace Satisfaction

Gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of workplace satisfaction at a macro and micro level.

  • Indeed® Happiness Survey
  • Individual review rating analysis
  • Time trending
  • Title, occupation, industry, and region categoriesD
  • Data captured monthly

Employee Sentiment and Opinions

Understand the attitudes and opinions of current and former employees to better understand opportunities for change.

  • Sentiment scoring
  • Opinion mining
  • Calculated net promoter score
  • Drill down to individual reviews

Dashboard and Report Filtering

Instant analysis viewing using any combination of titles, occupations, industries, regions, and employers.

  • AND/OR conditions
  • Keyword searches
  • KPI Indicators
  • Bookmark and save settings and filters


Generate reports automatically with pre-curated dashboard visuals and dynamically applied filters.

  • Customize hierarchy presentation
  • Sort visual tables
  • Export data to Excel
  • Export report to PDF or PowerPoint

User Management

Deploy and manage application access and usage across the enterprise.

  • User roles
  • User groups
  • Team sharing and collaboration

License Employer Reputation Insights

Enhance and differentiate your offering to increase revenue or provide more value-added service for your customers. Optimize strategies with employer, DEI and competitor reputation insights.

  • Data can be integrated multiple ways: source files, multi-dimensional dataset through XMLA, and integrated visuals
  • Data / analysis is traceable
  • Onboarding provided for team trial with design access
  • Consulting provided during proof of concept phase

By the Numbers

A wealth of data, curated and optimized for effortless usability.


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