Higher Education Analytics

Outcomes Insights and Competitive Benchmarking improve marketing and graduate success and identify strategic opportunities.
Higher Ed Analytics

Outcomes Insights

Public Insight generates college-through-career success path analytics and insights to help institutions market their education value/ROI to students and improve advertising efficiencies. Graduates gain real-world career path guidance that meets their work-life goals. Employers identify ideal job candidates. Solution providers expand their offering and sales efforts with outcomes insights.
  • Develop unique marketing content based on graduate career path success insights
  • Improve advertising targeting and budgeting efficiencies
  • Identify key alumni networking groups
  • Increase graduate success with career path and professional networking guidance
  • Understand graduates’ job titles, tenure, employers, compensation, supply/demand by location and networking groups
  • Compare outcomes insights of competing institutions and employers and benchmark over time
  • Identify the most successful job candidate profiles based on their education and career paths
  • Increase revenue by partnering with Public Insight

Strategic Insights for Program Development

The CollegeView analytics solution benchmarks institutions across a wide range of metrics to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop data driven institutional and program strategies. 
  • Analyze current and long-term enrollment trends
  • Determine current and emerging program development opportunities
  • Identify current and emerging distance learning trends
  • Assess admissions policies and results
  • Review pricing and financial aid status and trends
  • Evaluate institutional financial strength and endowment
  • Assess graduation rates and student outcomes
  • Benchmark student earnings and debt by program and institution

Why Public Insight?

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