TalentView Talent Analytics Solution

The only talent analytics solution that generates comprehensive market insights from across the landscape of job postings, resumés, compensation, college and career, market demographics, labor trends, and employer reputation data.

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TalentView is a comprehensive market-focused talent analytics solution

TalentView talent analytics integrates and optimizes current data from Indeed® job postings, industry and employer profiles, compensation surveys, resumé abstracts, skills and assessments, colleges and programs, Glassdoor® and DEI employer ratings and reviews, InsideView® and government agency data publications. Data is transformed into intuitive reports and dashboards by leveraging the powerful Microsoft® Power BI platform. Insights revealed by TalentView can directly optimize talent acquisition and workforce planning strategies and benchmark employer branding effectiveness.

TalentView delivers unique and timely job and labor market insights to help make better and faster data-driven decisions such as:

  • Where to target new growth opportunities, such as new regions based on job title supply and demand
  • Where to find remote workers with the right skills and experience in lower cost-of-living cities
  • How to assess competitive compensation by title and employer in select markets
  • How to improve employee satisfaction and branding related to DEI, work-life balance, management, etc.
  • Which colleges to target for recruiting that address program need and diversity

Eighty-six percent of employees and job seekers research company reviews and ratings to decide on where to apply for a job. With increasing competition for talent, innovative companies must proactively monitor their employer brand in order to understand their perceived strengths and weaknesses by category and diversity (DEI) and against their competitors. Using the power of text analytics, employers can further understand emotions, attitudes, and opinions of current and former employees over time to continuously monitor, analyze, and react to changes in sentiment.

TalentView Modules

The TalentView solution includes eight modules, which can be sold separately as needed or all together in the TalentView Suite – for the most robust comprehensive talent analytics solution on the market.

Flexible and Scalable Talent Analytics Solutions

Get the TalentView modules you need, or get the entire suite. Our flexible pricing options support small to enterprise organizations with varying needs of analytics.

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