Talent Intelligence – Turn Market Insights into Income

Talent intelligence is a strategic tool to help solution providers increase income by identifying prospective clients, preparing sales pitches, expanding product/service offerings, and creating high-value content.

Detailed analysis of an employer’s job postings uncovers opportunities and challenges. Then you can align your offering with their needs in your sales pitch and utilize talent market intelligence to sell the need for your solution. A great way to keep your clients engaged is to provide regular content about job market trends they care about.

Identify Employers to Target

talent intelligence

Filtering capabilities of your talent market intelligence or job market data can help identify prospective employers that are a good fit for your solution offering.

Segment by job titles, industries, locations (zip codes, markets or states) or companies (by size or other characteristics).

A targeted approach creates an efficient prospecting strategy. Consider the job titles, companies and industries you already have success with, or those you think will make a good target based on the latest trends.

Job Postings Analysis – Understand Employer Challenges and Opportunities

The more you know about your prospects and their competitors, the better positioned you will be to make recommendations that solve their HR and TA challenges and win their business. The examples of job posting analysis below can be used to identify companies to target and gather talent intelligence for sales pitches.

Supply and Demand

Understand where there is more demand than supply by job title, location and company in order to find employers that may need help with recruiting or recruitment marketing.

Commerce Bank in Kansas City, MO needs three IT Managers.

Fill Days

Identify which employers have longer time-to-fill days for their postings and more open jobs. You can segment by title, location, company, etc. in order to find companies that may need help with recruiting, recruitment marketing, or ATS/CRM solutions.

WVU Medicine has an average of 124 fill days for home health nurses and has two open jobs in Ohio.

Ad Indicators

Sponsored, Quick Apply, and Urgent are special posting categories on Indeed. These can indicate an employer has an immediate need. Quick Apply can can also indicate a more efficient process/system is needed to manage candidate interest. Additionally, the Fair Chance indicator can mean employers are seeking alternative talent pools to try to fill jobs, which is good competitive intel to know if they are successful with this strategy.

Technical Project Lead jobs in the Construction Industry had high rates of Quick Apply. Fair Chance jobs have increased 40% since Dec. 2023.
Comp Benchmarks

Provide comp and benefit comparisons against your prospective client’s local/industry competitors to ensure they have efficient and competitive job offers.

Marketing Director Advertised Comp Ranges for the NYC Market
Employer Reputation/Branding

How do you measure an employer brand? One way is to analyze Glassdoor and Indeed reviews and ratings data. Show your prospects/clients where they are strong/weak compared to their EVP and competitors. This could lead to new project work to improve weak areas. These insights can be filtered by title and location to uncover specific issues with management, within departments or other areas.

Indeed Employer Ratings for Fast Food Brands

Competitive Intelligence

Analyze top competitors (local and industry) to show your prospective clients where they are strong/weak in comparison. By understanding who (title, requirements, skills, comp, etc.), how many and where a competitor is hiring or has hired you can gauge their business growth or product development strategies.

Provide Recruitment Advertising and Budget Guidance

  • Know who an employer’s talent competitors are and what they are offering (comp and benefits) to help guide competitive job offers by title, market, etc.
  • Use average time-to-fill metrics for specific titles and markets to estimate how long an advertising campaign needs to run.
  • Use job posting insights to understand how (descriptions, comp, requirements) other companies are advertising for the same roles in the same markets. If competition is high then your CPC advertising bids need to be higher to get these jobs get noticed.
  • Use employer reviews/ratings to understand how a company is better/different than its talent competitors. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of competitors can help you guide employers on how to promote their brands in advertising. It is also useful information to help hiring managers guide interview discussions. After discussing areas that are important to the candidate, hiring managers can share how well the company aligns in these areas with actual employee review comments, opinions and ratings data. Review comments and positive ratings in specific areas can be utilized in social recruiting efforts.

Increase Your Income By Expanding Your Offering

Whether you integrate talent market intelligence into your AI chat bot, add a widget in your app or offer customized reports the addition of decision-making talent insights will increase revenue opportunities and client retention.

Keep Your Clients Engaged With Content

Employee Satisfaction meter

Keep your clients engaged and happy by delivering useful information about their hiring and employer reputation metrics, competitive intel and benchmarks and job market trends. It’s also a great way for your account management team to regularly touch base. Reports can be automatically distributed to your clients, and alerts can be set up when specific market changes happen.

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