TalentView’s unique workforce migration insights enable organizations to better understand workforce shifts. This helps optimize their talent acquisition and workforce development strategies.

workforce migration
TalentView Insight by Occupation – Top Occupations – Alpha Order

Why are Market Insights Important?

Workforce migration insights can be used for broader labor market insights such as understanding workforce shifts across industries and regions. It also enables targeted analysis to see worker movement for specific companies, titles, and regions.

Through our resumé tracing analysis employers can view current and former employee counts with active resumes by job title and location. This can help employers understand where to act proactively to avoid talent from leaving. Employers can also benchmark their resumé activity against the competition and the broader industry.

Resume Tracing
TalentView Resumé Tracing by Employer – Top Hospital Employers in Cleveland, OH Market

Use Cases for Workforce Migration Insights:

  • HR leaders can understand shifts and relocation trends from their former employees and their competitors’ employees.
  • Combined with TalentView’s Supply and Demand Insights, recruiters can determine the most desirable locations where workers are migrating. And of these, which have the optimal supply and demand ratio.
  • Recruiters can view which industries and locations have lost workers in order to target alternate sources of workers.
  • Workforce and economic development organizations can utilize insights such as industry and location shifts to help develop policies, resources and programs.
workforce migration
TalentView Insight by Location

TalentView Insights

The TalentView Resumés and Skills Insights module enables workforce migration analysis by capturing job seeker movement through resumé changes across employers, titles, occupations, industries and metro areas.

Resumé and Skills Insights also provides extensive analysis into over 40 million active resumés or nearly 30% of the active labor force. Users can analyze resumés by title, employer, metro area, occupation, industry, and college. Users also can understand related market skills using over 9 million Indeed® assessments.

TalentView transforms data from Indeed®, Glassdoor®, InsideView® and government agency data publications into actionable, targeted market insights to optimize talent acquisition strategies.

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