IPEDS reports residency numbers for first-time undergraduates by state. This data can be challenging to work with from several perspectives. It is not collected every year by every institution and it does not summarize the students coming from out of the state of the institution.  


The Enrollment Suite Interactive compares the state of the institution to the residency enrollment for each institution. Anything outside of the state of the institution is considered out of state. We summarized which states send students out of state using this approach in the treemap below. The larger states such as California pop out but a few more also pop out. 

The states with the highest number of students going out of the state are the larger blocks in the map. This tends to the more populated states, but also the smaller states geographically such as New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. However, some Mideastern and Midwestern states also permeate the list. Mississippi and North Dakota are the states in dark red which indicate the most change over the five-year period, albeit on a small base.  States such as Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana tended to stay in state.


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