The new CDC mortality data continues to paint a rather grim picture. Last week we focused on the external causes of the rise in death rates. This week we analyzed the mortality (death) rate among age groups using over 1.8 billion data points over 17 years from the CDC. You can now analyze this extensive data yourself with no data knowledge using the new Mortality Rate Interactive.  This Interactive is part of the Community Health subscription.


The mortality for every age group has declined from 2000 to 2016. The exception is the 25-34 year olds which is up 27% from 2000. The dot plot graphic below starkly shows this.


The mortality rate has skyrocketed in the past two years among age groups covering ages 15-44. This is a consistent trend that we saw with the external and behavioral causes last week. The counties that have experienced the highest jumps in this age bracket appears to be most concentrated in the MidAtlantic and Northeast. I go into these topics in more depth in the video blog.  


The new CDC mortality data is now available in Public Insight. We have launched an amazing new Interactive based on nearly 2 billion data points and 17 years of mortality data down to the county level. With Interactives, you can explore and analyze this critical data yourself with no data knowledge or experience. We have also created a free Interactive for the specific age related mortality data.

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