Public Insight releases fall update of TalentView

Zip Code Analysis, LinkedIn® Data, Shift and Benefit Reporting Provide Hyper-Targeted Talent Intelligence for Recruiting and Business Development

(Akron, OH) December 21, 2023 – Public Insight announces the fall release of its TalentView job market data and analytics solution. New features and capabilities such as zip code analysis and 3D mapping, LinkedIn organizational data, and shift and benefit reporting provide a unique level of hyper-targeted talent market intelligence for recruiting and business development.

Granular analysis is available for over 160 talent market metrics. The number of organizations available in employer analysis and benchmarking has increased from 400,000 to 1.7 million. TalentView insights inform and justify recruiting decisions and influence hiring manager discussions. Use cases for identifying prospective companies to target, expanding product/service offerings, benchmarking, competitive intelligence and content development support business development strategies.

Key Feature Highlights of the Fall Update of TalentView

Zip Code Analysis and 3D Mapping – Job postings can now be analyzed at the zip code level generating more targeted regional insights for posting volume, turnover, supply and demand, and compensation. Job postings were previously analyzed at the metro (CBSA) level. This level of targeting will help inform sourcing strategies and improve ability to fill jobs. 3D mapping provides a quick, visual way to understand posting activity by specific locations.

In the example below, nurse posting volumes and reposting rates in CA are analyzed over time.

LinkedIn Organization Data – The addition of LinkedIn data increases the number of organizations in TalentView reporting to 1.7 million. Indeed® and Glassdoor® company data for postings and reviews/ratings has been mapped to LinkedIn organizations. These organizations cover 95% of job posting activity in the U.S.

In addition to the posting volume, supply and demand, time-to-fill and compensation analysis available by employer in TalentView, LinkedIn data provides more volume, depth and details to employer analysis. This enhances the ability to do targeted employer selection, analysis and benchmarking. Organizational reporting now includes specialty tags, multiple locations, LinkedIn follower counts and more. Reports include LinkedIn profile and company website links.

Employer Analysis Use Cases
TalentView insights have several use cases for sales, account management, recruiting, benchmarking, competitive intelligence and content development:

  • Target prospective companies by company size, type and location for business development
  • Add insights to expand product/service offering and increase revenue
  • Justify recruiting decisions and prepare for hiring manager discussions
  • Share client/competitor/market insights and trends with clients
  • Utilize employer insights as content for recruitment marketing and social media
  • Benchmark employer job/talent market KPIs over time and against competitors and the industry (including employer brand and DEI ratings)
  • Utilize employer, competitor and industry benchmarks to supplement HR/Executive reporting
  • Utilize employer, competitor and industry benchmark in new business pitches
  • Analyze who and where competitors are hiring to understand their growth strategies and direction
TalentView Release Highlights Video

Shift and Benefit Reporting – Analysis and reports for job posting volumes, supply/demand and compensation can be created at the shift, schedule and benefit category levels. This capability is beneficial for companies and solution providers that recruit candidates that work in job shifts or schedules, such as those in healthcare, manufacturing and transportation.

Benefits reporting provides a more holistic understanding of competitive job postings and trends related to new benefit offerings.

In the example below, nurses’ compensation is analyzed by shift over time.

Ad Indicators – Advertising indicators from Indeed job postings are now captured and analyzed. These include: Sponsored Ad, Quick Apply and Fair Chance Job. Sponsored ads can help identify which companies have job titles that may need to be filled more quickly and have budget to spend on filling them. Quick Apply jobs may indicate a company doesn’t have an ATS or may need recruitment marketing services. Fair Chance Jobs could be a competitive advantage for companies recruiting alternative sources of candidates and it is helpful to see these trends over time.

Integrated KPI Reporting – Analyze over 160 KPI metrics easily and quickly using the new visualization with integrated tables and KPI metrics.

In the example below, registered nurse posting volumes, reposting rates, compensation, and urgency rates are analyzed over time by simply clicking on the table row.

“This release enables our most targeted and granular level of analysis yet to report on 160 talent market metrics,” explains Dan Quigg, Public Insight Chief Executive Officer. “Several new features were customer driven, which is yet another indicator of market demand for hyper-targeted talent market intelligence for decision making,” adds Quigg.

About TalentView
TalentView integrates and transforms jobs, talent and labor market data from Indeed®, Glassdoor®, LinkedIn® and government agency publications into strategic insights. Hyper-targeted market intelligence helps solution providers with business development and practitioners to inform and justify recruiting decisions. TalentView market insights are provided via reports and dashboards in our analytics platform and data integration with third party applications.

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