Our mid-June Jobs Report progress update indicates that job market growth remains flat compared to this time last month with just under 1.7 million Indeed® jobs posted. This extrapolates to around 2.8 million postings for the month. Key highlights are presented below.

mid june jobs report
Job Postings 2021 Activity

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Customer Facing Industries are Improving

Retail and Accommodation/Food Services industries showed the most growth thus far in June. These industries are still recovering from a very slow start in filling jobs. Estimated fill days for these industries are well above the industry average. But it is improving with these industries trending toward the norm of 30 days. With March postings 85% complete, fill days are aligned with other industries as shown below.

March 2021 Fill Rates by Industry

Improved Compensation is the Key

Retail employers increased wages in June from $31,000 to $33,000. Accommodation/Food Services wages did not increase, but the number of postings with advertised rates increased to nearly 1 in 2 jobs. This indicates continued aggressiveness on the part of employers in filling jobs.

Median Compensation for Retail Industry

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