Airlines have taken it on the chin in recent months for bad customer service. This despite the fact that overall customer service rankings of the airline industry are up. Flight attendants received nearly a 14% bump in pay based on a comparison of mean wage data from the 2016 Occupational Employment Statistics survey to the 2015 survey. With the exception of the personal chef, which topped our list at a whopping 40% increase (but minimal reported jobs), flight attendants were far and away the highest wage change as a percentage. Note that these are changes in the mean wage based on the year to year change in survey and not necessarily real wage changes.


Transit and Railroad Police made the list at number 4 with a 22% change in jobs and over a 9% wage increase. Political Scientists jobs increased a whopping 40% with a 7% wage change. The mean wage for Political Scientists is just under $100,000 from the last survey and the educational attainment for Political Scientists is evenly split between masters and bachelor’s level degrees.

Using the Degree-to-Jobs Interactive, we filtered for only those occupations that had at least 10% growth in jobs reported from the 2015 to 2016 OES survey at a state level and then sorted the table in descending order by the change in wages.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


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