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Weekly job posting data, posting text analysis, and time-period comparisons enable granular analysis of current job market intelligence to inform and justify recruiting decisions.

(Akron, OH) May 31, 2023 – Public Insight announces the spring release of its TalentView job market data and analytics solution. The release includes weekly job postings data collection, job posting text analysis, time-change analysis of job market metrics, updates to workforce migration analysis and new filtering for advanced segmentation of insights. These updates enable granular analysis of over 150 job market metrics to better inform recruiting, employer branding, career planning, and business development strategies.

Key Feature Highlights of the TalentView Release:

  • Weekly Job Posting Data – Job posting data is now published on a weekly basis. This helps talent acquisition professionals stay on top of the most recent market activity.
  • Time Intelligence – Analyze and compare more than 150 job market metrics across multiple time periods using various time calculations. This instantly identifies positive/negative changes in jobs, compensation, and employer reputation. Time intelligence adds power to our advanced visuals, to better understand specific market trends and the big picture.
Time Intelligence – Postings of Nurse Title, Month over Month % Comparison
  • Job Posting Text Analysis – Keyword-based analysis of job postings enables you to search for a specific word(s) within the bulleted text of job ad requirements over a specific time period. The results indicate which categories the keyword is found in and how many instances. For example, the keyword “SQL” was searched in job postings for the title “business data analyst” and was found 53 times in the qualifications category over a two-month time frame.
Text Analysis of Job Ad
  • Workforce Migration Bi-Directional Analysis – View both job seeker arriving and departing movement across categories: companies, regions, titles and education. This analysis uncovers new talent pools and identifies where specific employee titles at a company are moving. This is in addition to our net migration analysis, which shows the net change to a single category.
TalentView Job Market Data
Workforce Migration – Departures and Arrivals
  • Advanced Filters – Additional slicers or filters can segment key metrics for more specific insights. For example, job posting volumes by title can be filtered by remote status, hire count, urgent, and midpoint salary. Employer ratings can be filtered by a specific DEI category. Reviews and opinions can be filtered by current or former employee.
  • Job Posting Dashboards – Open postings aging, filled postings aging and midpoint compensation metrics have been added to dashboards.
  • Resumé Metrics – A dashboard has been added to view education attainment by job title.

“This release expands TalentView capabilities to provide more in-depth analysis of job market data,” explains Dan Quigg, Public Insight Chief Executive Officer. “Current, market-driven data to justify recruiting decisions is becoming a top priority,” adds Quigg.

Insights revealed by TalentView optimize talent acquisition, employer branding and career/workforce strategies and decision making and help solution providers grow their business. TalentView integrates data from Indeed®, Glassdoor®, Demandbase® and government agency publications. Data is transformed into strategic insights via reports and dashboards.  Learn more about TalentView.

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