Higher Education Benchmarking and Effectiveness

Benchmark the relative strengths and weaknesses of peer postsecondary institutions to identify opportunities and develop winning strategies.
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Strategic Insights for Developing Successful Institutional and Program Strategies

The CollegeView analytics solution benchmarks higher education institutions across a wide range of topical areas resulting in a 360 degree view of competitive threats and opportunities. These insights enable organizations to identify relative strengths and weaknesses and develop data-driven institutional and program strategies.
  • Analyze current and long-term enrollment trends
  • Determine current and emerging program development opportunities
  • Identify current and emerging distance learning trends
  • Assess admissions policies and results
  • Review pricing and financial aid status and trends
  • Evaluate institutional financial strength and endowment
  • Assess graduation rates and student outcomes
  • Benchmark student earnings and debt by program and institution
  • Utilize analysis for performance reports

Flexible and Scalable Analytics Solutions

Our flexible pricing options support small to enterprise organizations with varying needs of analytics.

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