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Does Your Company Need to be More Data Driven?

Recruiting and talent acquisition business leaders have indicated that being more data-driven is a key initiative*. As the economy improves and hiring increases, now is the time to prepare for growth and accelerate talent acquisition by leveraging job market analytics.

Learn How to Leverage Job Market Analytics to Drive Four Growth Strategies:

  1. Optimizing the Remote Workforce
  2. Targeting New Markets
  3. Identifying and Analyzing Emerging Titles
  4. Improving Employer Brand

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*GEM: 2021 Reflections, Initiatives, Predictions

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Insight for Work

Insight for Work (IFW) is a jobs and labor market analytics application for analyzing weekly market trends without any database knowledge. IFW makes it easy to understand key insights from data curated from the Indeed® Jobs Platform, InsideView® B2B Intelligence and Government Data Publications, such as the following:

  • Job postings by title, occupation, industry, and region
  • Jobs supply, demand and fill rates
  • Compensation surveys and trends
  • Resumé skills and assessments
  • Resumé education levels and postsecondary institution
  • Employer satisfaction and ratings
  • Employer size, industry and characteristics
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