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TalentView – Workforce Migration by Occupation

Learn How to Leverage Workforce Insights to Improve Workforce Planning and Service Delivery

Unique and timely workforce insights from job and labor market data help you make better decisions. 

These strategic insights enable workforce development professionals to identify short and long-term market trends, and provide guidance to employers and job seekers on career paths, skills, opportunities, positioning, and competition.

We will cover the following market insights: 

  • Workforce Migration
  • Supply and Demand Gaps
  • Workforce Satisfaction and Impact on Career Choices
  • Current State of Remote Work

What are Workforce Migration Insights?

Workforce development professionals must now track a changing pool of workers who are shifting occupations, employers, residential locations or some combination of each. Having current data and analysis on these workforce changes guides recruiting, career and regional economic development opportunities. Public Insight® TalentView analytics platform unlocks the insights behind these job market changes through our new workforce migration insights. You can now learn the answers to these questions:

  • Which industries are gaining or losing workers?
  • What job titles and occupations are gaining or losing workers?
  • Where are employees moving?
  • How can alternate pools of workers be identified?
  • Can I benchmark employee turnover?  
  • What analysis can I use to do targeted recruiting?

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TalentView Analytics Solution

TalentView is the only analytics solution that generates comprehensive strategic market insights from across the landscape of job postings, resumés, compensation, college and career, market demographics, labor trends, and employer reputation data.

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